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Test investment strategies based on alternative data in minutes



Inegy allows you to create investment strategies using a simple drag and drop interface. 


The strategies you create may be based on conventional financial data as well as alternative data sources, such as: 

  • Google trends, Wikipedia views, and App Store reviews

  • Social networks (for example sentiment on Reddit, Twitter etc.)

  • Open Banking (transactions may be triggered by your spending habits)

  • News, weather, oil storage levels, and container ship ports congestion

  • Job postings, real estate postings, pollution, and corporate jets tracking

  • Personal stock trading by U.S. Senators and Representatives

  • Fear and Greed index

  • The public sentiment around US Equities

  • Recommendations made by media personalities (CNBC etc.)

  • And many more


Test the strategies you have created based on historical data and advanced AI.



Execute your investment strategies with a press of a button. 


Share & Copy

Share your investment strategies or copy them from other people in the community.


What are you going to create?

“There is incredible alpha buried within atypical data sources. The ingenious thing Inegy does is ingest, normalize and then allow you to test strategies against them with a click of your mouse. Everything from instantly testing meme strategies to mining for signal within GBs of unstructured noise - it's brilliant!"

Riyad Kalla

Creator of Universal Binary JSON Specification, ex-PayPal

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